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Host your Ice House Rental at Rent This Shack

Published on September 3, 2018 by Greg Beach

Ice House RentalHost your Ice House Rental at Rent This Shack

Rent This Shack designed our site to help host ice house rentals. Our company started with the idea and our Hosts will benefit from our light bulb moment. Check out what Rent This Shack can do for you below.

What is Rent This Shack?

We wanted a place where a guest can go search for ice houses, fishing guide services, cabins and resorts all in one site. Rent This Shack found that when we have tried finding these places on a google search, it was a challenge. Sites landed on were set up differently, frustrating to figure out if space is available or annoyed us by having to call a 1-800 number. It made the search experience challenging at best. Rent This Shack wanted this search and booking experience to be fun, quick and enjoyable. To reach these goals we have provided our guests and hosts with benefits and tools to make Rent This Shack the ice house rental go to marketplace search site.


Hosts deserve great benefits and RTS does not disappoint. Rent This Shack wants to provide our Hosts with the benefits and tools they need to generate the short-term rental income they desire. Here is a detailed list of some of the wonderful benefits and tools that we provide our Hosts.

Make Money

Rent This Shack (RTS)wants our Hosts to enjoy making money on their property. We tailored our website to make our Hosts successful by addressing their needs. Money is important, so we don’t take any fees from our hosts. With that goal, we make sure that the Hosts get every dollar they list their property for on the site. Our customer’s guests pay our service fee and that is how we like it, unlike some of those other Vacation Rental websites.

Service Fees, Sales, and local taxes

RTS uses our service fee’s to help our Hosts. Rent This Shack takes care of Sales and local taxes in our reservation fee for our Hosts. No need for our Hosts to worry about filing deadlines, forms or knowing about the changing state sales tax laws. Our service fee helps our Hosts because we use it to market your property to the masses. Which makes it easier for our Hosts to care for their guests and not worry about the boring stuff.

Marketing to the Masses

Rent This Shack’s job is to get our Host’s properties seen by the masses and to get Host’s guests. We’ll do the hard work of getting the word out that Rent This Shack is the place to find great Ice House Rentals. Wither that is improving internet searches, using electronic media, social sites, fishing tournament boats, or standard commercials. We work to get our name out there so that our Host’s properties are seen.


Tools are an important way to help Hosts succeed. We have put together a set of useful tools to make life easier for our Hosts. Here are a few of our great tools.

Photo and Video Display

Photos and videos are the leading sellers of an ice house rental. Take the great photos of your property and display them easily on our site. Choose the order that you think will sell your rental. An Added feature provided is our ability to have videos in our listings. Generate a video on YouTube or Vimeo and use it on our site.

Search Map

We provide our Hosts with a great tool with our map. Our Hosts have the ability to put the exact location of their ice house on the search map. Move your ice house from bay to bay on a large lake and a few clicks move it on the map. Make finding your property easy by placing a pin to show guests exactly where they will be staying.

Invoice Generator and Booking Control

Our Hosts are in control of the booking process. Rent This Shack provides two options for our Hosts, instant book and Host’s choice. Instant booking streamlines the booking process. If a guest wants to book your property all they have to do is click the dates they want, pay the reservation fee and an email will be sent to our Hosts stating they have a new booking. If our Host’s wish to have a choice, leaving this feature off will enable the Host to get a request and they can generate an invoice to complete the booking process.

Generating invoices is quick and easy using our invoice generator tool. RTS pulls data from our Host’s property listing to generate the customer invoices. An invoice is generated and approved by our Hosts in a minute. When the invoice is approved, a click will send it to the guest for confirmation payment.


Track your rental dates easily in a quick glance with our Calendar. Our calendar allows our Hosts to pick and choose when they will make their property available. It also allows the Guests to see when that property is available so they can book our Host’s property quickly. Another nice feature is we have made it interactive with other automated calendars. This allows our Hosts to connect multiple calendars together avoiding double booking of their property.


Amenities sell properties to the guests. So we have provided the tool to help our Hosts reach those guests. List the amenities that you wish to sell to the guests and if it’s not in our list, send us an email and we will happily add it for you.

Share on your Social media

Host’s property on RTS is easy to share on social media sites. A few clicks, and it is shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest. A unique URL for each property is generated so Host’s can easily share their property on other sites too. Save time by marketing your property with our social sharing tools and share to each of those sites.

Our Posts, Tips, and Support

RTS supports our Hosts with our collective knowledge. We will post tips on how to improve your hosting experience, profitability and family friendliness. Follow our Hosting category in our Posts and our Facebook page for additional tips. Rent This Shack is here for our Hosts and want to provide our full support for your ice house rental. We want to make sure our founding properties are successful. RTS is offering our founding properties our list building services. We will build the listing for our founding Hosts. Any interested Hosts please email Host today by clicking our logo below.


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