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February Newsletter

Published on February 18, 2019 by Greg Beach

Our February Newsletter is full of fishing and equipment information this month. We are excited to welcome the properties from LT Outfitters to the Rent This Shack community. LT Outfitters located upon the Lake of the Woods outside of the Northwest Angle is prime walleye fishing paradise.

The weather as of late has been limiting. It has either been too warm, too cold or too snowy to enjoy the ice fishing experience fully. Luckily it has been frigid lately providing some excellent fishing opportunities on Lake Superior. Check out the great pic below.

Lake Superior Ice Fishing

RTS News

There will be a lot of thing coming soon to RTS in the next few months. We will have some sport show announcements, new features, and other exciting news. Stay tuned for our updates. We will be switching over to summer season mode soon so hopefully; everyone is ready for the “soft water” season.

Fishing Tips and News

#1 Teaching kids

Leading off our tips, teaching the next generation how to fish is a great way to continue the sport. Without the transfer of knowledge, and maintenance of the angling population our natural resources will suffer. Check out our article on how to get kids out fishing.

#2 Winter Ice Rig Equipment

Getting to the fish is the first step to catching them through the ice. So making sure your equipment reaches the best structure in working order is important. Watch our quick tip on how to power your GPS fish finder to get back to those GPS waypoints you found when the water was softer.

#3 Check your Colors

Out of all the different things to consider when fishing, color always come up. Sometimes it is the triggering key. Other times it does not matter what color it is you tie on, it will get bit. The boys out in Colorado did a good piece on their conclusions on why they think color matters.

#4 Leaders are Key!

Leaders are important. They protect line, lures, and help land toothy creatures. Check out this podcast from the All Eyes on Fishing crew.

Featured Property of the Week: LT Outfitters

LT Outfitters has many options to enjoy the Lake of the Woods. Check out their two sleepers and two of their day houses on A great benefit that LT Outfitters provides is transportation to and from all of their homes by Bombardier. Check out their properties below!

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