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May 25, 2018 by rentshack

Rent This Shack FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

How do I add a property?

We have created a tutorial on how to add your property listing to the site.

Adding property is easy at Rent This Shack. Add your Property here or from your free profile after you create it. Additional help can be requested by emailing

Why Should I host with Rent This Shack?

Rent This Shack provides excellent tools and benefits to our Hosts. Check out all the benefits at the following links.

Host Your Ice House Rental at Rent This Shack

Also check out this article too.

Host with RTS

How do I use the site?


Search through the listings of Cabins, Ice Houses, shacks, and resorts by using the interactive search map or the property search page. Look over the property listings and availability calendar and when you find that perfect vacation spot, send the Host a reservation request by clicking the button.

Owners/ Hosts

After you create a Profile, you can create a listing showing pictures, video, accommodation benefits or other services associated with the listed property. Generate invoices for your property, interact with the guests through our secure messenger system and track your rental schedule with our calendar. We’ll have even more exciting benefit options in the future to help our Hosts.

Do I need to set up a Profile?

Yes, setting up and using your Profile will allow full access to the entire site. It allows you to use the massager, book properties, list a property or properties and interact the best between guests and hosts. Sign up for your profile to explore all the functions for Rent This Shack.

How do I rent a property that is listed?

Renting a property is completed in a few easy steps.

#1: Set up your profile.

#2: Find the property you would like and available dates.

#3a: If the owner of the property has allowed the quick book option, fill out the required fields, and you should be good to go.

OR #3b: Fill out the request fields, and the system will forward the request to the owner of the property.

#4: The owner reviews the application, processes an invoice, and you will get a message saying that your request has been accepted or denied.

#5: If the offers approved you should be good to go. Show up on your selected date and complete the rest of the rental payment with the owner of the property.

Why am I not getting any messages from the site?

Check out your email spam settings. Sometimes our messages are directed to your spam folder. Please go into your email spam settings and add us as a trusted contact to ensure you receive all your important messages.

How does Rent This Shack Work?

Check out our page that explains RTS.