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Crankbait Storage Solutions

Published on March 11, 2019 by Greg Beach

The Problem

Two of the enormous challenges when it comes to Crankbaits and tackle boxes are Crankbaits and tackle boxes. The problem of how to store multiple Crankbaits without having a tangled mess is an efficiency issue. The Crankbait storage solution turn out to be a little more complicated then it looks, Rubber Bands and divided boxes.

How to Video

Solution, Rubber Bands

Initially, an easy fix is to swing by the local big box store and pick up a bag of office quality bands. That will create a huge mess. Those bands will degrade and melt. The best Crankbait storage solution is to purchase High temp, UV resistant Rubber Bands.

Another consideration that we found during testing is band placement. Placing the bands too loose will cause tangles. On the opposite side of the spectrum is placing them too tightly can damage the lure itself. Placing the band around the crankbait bill for a few testers causes some warping with extreme heat.

Tackle Boxes

We have found that the design of the storage tackle box can make a difference. If you have a large amount of the same style of crankbait, then a deep devived tackle box would work best. Keeping the crankbaits from rolling all over the tackle box will reduce any damage to the finish.

Try this crankbait storage solution technique out in your tackle box to improve your time on the water. Are you interested in additional fishing tips and techniques? Check out our latest posts.

Crankbait Storage Solutions
Bands on Bandit baits
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