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Adding New Property to Rent This Shack

Published on September 6, 2018 by Greg Beach

How to Add a New Property

Adding a new property to Rent This Shack should be an enjoyable experience. So we have tried to make it as easy as possible. RTS also wants to make sure any questions are answered about adding your property. We have created this tutorial to assist in the sign-up process. Hopefully, we can answer any of your questions below!

Go to our main page and click on the link in the upper right-hand corner labeled “Signup” or “Submit Property” and follow one of the links.

Rent This Shack Rentals page screenshot


We recommend using “Signup” to create a profile first.

Rent This Shack new listing screenshot



Add New Property

Rent This Shack new property entry screenshot


After creating a profile the next page is the “Add New Property” page.

Add in your original title for your property next. We provide many categories to list your special property choose which one would work best for you. After that fill in what type of room type is your property listing.

Our next entry field is “Guest No.” which is the maximum number of guest that you the host want to use the property.

“City and Neighborhood” are the next entry fields. “City” is the nearest city or the mailing address while “Neighborhood” will usually be the lake/ river where the property is on.

“Property Description” is where a well-written description of your property will help sell the property to the guests.

Checking the box to allow instant booking will remove the Host’s choice to approve or deny a booking request. Instant booking allows the guest to book the property after seeing that it is available on their chosen dates.

The last step is to click on the Continue button to make sure that these entries are saved. Sometimes clicking on it twice is needed. We’re working on that!


Rent This Shack screenshot of price entry screen

Price per night is important to consider since it will be the exact amount that you will collect from the guests. Also the fields “before label” and “after label” please leave blank.

Next field to fill out is the Taxes in % field. For MN properties please look up your local sales tax rate and place that percent in this field. You can find your local sales tax rate at

Rent This Shack is required to collect sales taxes due to recent changes in state and federal laws. Due to these changes, we will double check this field before approving a new property listing.

“Price per night for more than 7 days” and “Price per night for more than 30 days” fields are used if you as a host would like to give a reduced rate for these longer stay periods of time.

“Weekend Price” field is where a host can set a higher or lower rate for the weekend than their normal rate per night.

At this time please don’t use the “Cleaning fee” sections. This request is due to our requirement to collect state sales tax and this field will cause the system to withhold too much in taxes.

City Fee or Service Fee

“City Fee” or “Service Fee” is an important field. To make sure our host collects all the listing price we use this field to add our service fee. Our service fee contains state sales tax, local sales tax and our service fee we use to keep the lights on. Please put 15.5 in the “City Fee” field if it is not filled out. Also, change “City fee calculation” to per night. Lastly, check the box in front of “City fee is a % of the daily fee.” We are working on making sure that these fields are changed to the service fee and not changeable to simply the entry for our Hosts.

Rent This Shack price page 2 screenshot


Next field is the “Minimum days of booking” field where you can choose what the minimum stay would be for your property.

The “Early Bird Discount” field is another area where the host can choose to provide a discount if someone chooses to book a certain number of days in advance.

Advancing on to the “Extra Guests” fields is where the host can choose to set a price for extra guests above their previous set limit and check the box if they will allow guests above the limits set.

“Allow only bookings starting with the check in on” or “Allow only bookings with the check in/ check out on” allows a choice where they can allow two different guests check out and in on the same day.

Rent This Shack price page 3 screenshot


Extra options allow us to add the Host’s extras that we don’t already have entry fields for.

Our Price Adjustment calendar allows our hosts to change the price of certain days that they choose.

Lastly, make sure you click on the save button!


Rent This Shack media screenshot


Click on select media to upload your photos of your property that you wish to display. You can drag and rearrange the order that you choose to show your guests.

Videos from Vimeo and YouTube can be attached by their ID.

Make sure to Save!


Rent This Shack details screenshot


Additional information and details on the property can be added to the fields on this page and Hosts should outline their cancellation policy on this page.

Click the save button to continue.


Rent This Shack location page screenshot


Fill out the address, zip code, state, and it helps guests find the locations when the county field is filled in. Rent This Shack allows our Hosts to place a property pin on the search map. If the host wishes to show exactly where on a lake that the property is located a simple pin drop can make that location.

Click safe again to continue.

Amenities and Features

Rent This Shack amenities entry pic


Select all the amenities and features that will apply to your property. If an amenity or feature is not listed we will be happy to add new features when informed by email.

Safe again to continue.


Rent This Shack calendar screenshot


Choose when you want your property to be available or unavailable.

Rent This Shack calendar screenshot 2


Feel free to import and export your calendar feeds by providing the data into the given fields. Connecting to other calendars will help reduce the chance of double booking if you choose to use another service.

Click save and you have completed the entry of your new property with Rent This Shack.


Upon conclusion of the entry of your new property, Rent This Shack will review the property listing. During the review, if we find any odd fields, questions or missing information we will notify you by e-mail. When everything passes our testing we will approve your listing. Then you will be set to start hosting your property with Rent This Shack.

If you have any additional questions check out our FAQ page or our article Host your Ice House Rental at Rent This Shack. We will also announce major changes on our Facebook page.

Thank you and happy hosting!

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